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Drier model SCR 20

The Driers model SCR 20/V are composed by a steel structure that allows a very easy installation into any line without operations for coupling.

The models 20/20V are suitable for any cable, diameter from 10 up to 20 mm., insulated with thermoplastic materials, at a max speed of 600 mt/min without changing any tools and passing from a measurement to another.

The models 20/10V are suitable for small diameter from 0,5 up to 20 mm., at a max speed of 1.200mt/min. without changing any tools for passing from a measurement to another.

The side in contact with the cables is composed by 3 ejector units with specifications and layout, that allow the complete cable drying: they open in presence of joints or fattering, in order to avoid any damage to the unit.

The geometric configuration of ejectors allows the optimal drying.

They are suitable for working whether with a turbine of Kw 3-4 installed in the dryer structure.

The tank that hauses the 3 drier ejectors is entirely composed by Inox steel and has a hole at the bottom for the evacuation water removed from the cable.

The tank structure has four height - adjustable feet that allow drier's alignment to the cable axis.


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