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Falcon topscan AWM'98

TOPSCAN AWM'98 system allows fully automatic thickness measurement on insulating convers and non-metallic sheathings of electric cables. International standars and product specifications demand particular characteristics for measuring systems and special measurement and evaluation methods.

TOPSCAN AWM'98, developed by Falcon Instruments, is the natural evolution of the profile projector or of the measuring microscope getting following goals:

  • Measurement objectivity

  • Results repeatability

  • Time and manpower saving

  • Quick regaining of the investment

  • System's use great easiness

  • Conformity with CEI 20-34/1-1

All the systems have been developed by the criterion of the FALCON MMI interfacing with the user that is based on the innovative concept: PRESS A BUTTON AND MEASURE!

The operator is not required to carry out hard set-up and debuggings. The station itself has an intelligence that allows the automatic reserch of the electric cable and its measurement, even in case of variation of the cables dimensions. All that is possible without using the Keyboard!

The user is only required to place the cable sheathing onto the bearing glass and to press the START key in order to get the whole measurement cycle.

Metrological Characteristics:

  • MEASUREMENT REPEATABILITY: 1/4000 of the Field of View
    For example the repeatability of the instrument with a 20 mm field of view is equivalent to +/- 0,5 hundredths millimetre (0.005 mm)

    For example the instrument reliability with 20 mm field of view is equivalent to +/- 1,5 hundredth millimetre (0.015 mm)

    AŘ one second in case of single-sheathing cables ca. 3 seconds in case of more sheathings

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