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Electronic length measurement

Our electronic length measurement model MH is suited to be set on every production or rewinding cable's line.

The unit consists of an iron base of strong tickness, on which are set the mobile and fixed elements, in contact with the cable.

These elements consist of a proper worked aluminium support, where two crown pulleys are set, one of these has an encoder to get the measure.

The pulleys are connected with a belt. The part in contact with the cable is covered with high touching material.

The bottom part is anchored to the iron base, while the upper to a loom with fixed slides for the lifting of the mobile elements.

The lifting takes place through a pneumatic cylinder, the pressure on the cable is regulated with a pressure regulator.

Every upper moving part together with the opening part for the feeding of cable, are protected with plexiglas.

The model MH has a metric calibration device, the check of this calibration takes place through a metric sample to realize and certificate from the customer.

The electronics could be suited to manage a spark tester and other bordering machines up to 4 units.

The device provides an exit signal, which could be sent to a printer for the report.

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