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Spark tester

Our SparK tester model EMS 2003/ac 15 Kv is suited to be installed on insulated and sheathing cable’s lines in order to detect insulating faults on electric single core cables.

The construction form of this apparatus is particulary suited to be placed on small spaces, thanks to the anti-magnetic disturb device, which allows to pair off the electrode to the control – unit, so avoiding any magnetic disturb whether to the control unit or to the present bordering components.

The system is in accordance with the European Standard PR EN 50356 : 2001 norms.

Besides a security device against the accidental contacts is placed; it consists of a circuit, which restricts the current to 5 m A max.



  • Possible power supply:
    230/380 V a.c.
    50/60 Hz or from 12 to 24 V d.c.,
  • Power 60 VA
  • Max linear speed: 3600 mt/min.
  • Electrode length: 100 mm
  • Frequency of test: 600 - 1500 Hz
  • Tension of test: 1 – 12 Kv
  • Resolution time of faults: 20 seconds/1000
  • Sensitivity of survey: Less than 100 ma from 1 to 12 Kv
  • Control of process: Relay with NA – NC contact, 5A max 240 V a.c.
  • Cable connection: Absolutely earth
  • Hole for the passing of the cable: Ø 15mm
  • Max Ø of cables: 10 mm
  • Total Weight: Kg 9,5
  • Marking: CE

The device for parameters operation consists of metallic box inclusive of:

  • Potentiometer for the setting of test tension.
  • Digital indicator for the reading of tension applied.
  • Faults counter electromechanical five-digit resetting by hand.
  • Red led in case of spark
  • Acoustic signal in case of spark
  • Serial output for the connection to an operation system.

The system allows to identify the kind of spark happened, if it is due to low insulation (fault) or to residual humidity on cable insulation.

In this second case the spark is not recorded as fault, but indicated and counted on a separate display.

The system is included in the basic device without bulky variation.


In case of request of this option the following components will be added into metallic box:

  • Digital indicator for the verge of intervention.
  • Potentiometer for the setting of verge of intervention.
  • Faults counter resetting by hand.
  • Green led in case of humidity recording

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