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Cable drier Model Combi Drier

Our COMBI-DRIER has been engineered to satisfy the needs of high speed production lines, which drag big quantities of water from the cooling trough.
Therefore the COMBI-DRIER is composed of two elements which produce double actions; one of mechanical nature the other of pneumatic nature.
The mechanical action, placed in the beginning of the system, allows to remove the big quantity of dragged water, while the pneumatic action allows the final drying.
The COMBI-DRIER offers a high flexibility, as, without changing any tool, you can choose between two different ways concerned two large range of diameter (ex. From 2,00 to 10,00 mm, or from 10,00 to 20 mm).


To choose the way you have to operate as follows:

1- Pass the cable into the selected way.
2- Position the lever in the selected way in order to direct all the air towards the ejectors, excluding the rest way.

The component of the drying action is composed of our standard model UCR, which allows the pass of the cable from 2,00 up to 20,00 mm of diameter in accordance with the suited range of tools.


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